Playing Links Golf

In their recent book ” True Links” golf writers Malcolm Campbell and George Peper described the allure of links golf very well. “To walk beside the sea with a brisk breeze on your cheek and firm sandy turf beneath your feet is to experience golf as it was hundreds of years ago but arguably as it should be today – a simple beguiling game in need of no embellishment”.

Factor in the elements , the undulating nature of the terrain, the good and the bad bounces, the sound of the seabirds, and the wonderful vistas that change from hole to hole, and the charm and attraction of links golf begins to make sense.

It is a challenge but a mental one as much as anything. Henry Longhurst, one of the great golf writers once said ” On every shot whether a drive or a short pitch you must step back and say,’ What exactly is it I want to do here. The player needs not just physical talent but above all imagination “.

Irelands three times major champion Padraig Harrington  when first playing the relatively new links of Doonbeg in West Clare remarked how it took him back to his childhood playing 10 different shots to a green all  very different but all equally legitimate in producing the right result -getting the ball close to the hole.

Links golf – the complete golfing test of skill and character!